About Us
About Our Business

Guthrie Performance Horses is situated at Penguin on the North West Coast, 30 minutes from
Devonport. Guthrie comprises 66 acres of  superior fertile pasture.

Guthrie is owned and operated by professional, experienced horse people.  
Our aim is to provide high quality service and facilities and the best care.
We understand that each horse is an individual and will have different needs and we are happy
to discuss these with you.

Following is an outline of our services offered.  Whilst we primarily cater for the racing industry
our services are available to enthusiasts of all equine pursuits.


Sales Preparation

Breaking In


We can provide supervised private or shared paddocks and offer a number of services to suit your needs
such as rugging/unrugging, drenching, farrier services and dental appointments as required.
All horses have access to our improved pastures.  Our rotations include follow up grazing with cattle to
break the worm cycle.  Our paddocks are safely fenced with sighter strips and electric offsets and are
accessible through convenient laneways.  
Our shared paddocks are large and gently undulating with natural shelter and provide a peaceful break for
spellers where they can graze and interact with other horses.
We provide top quality hay and supplementary feeding and all horses have access to fresh spring water
via automatic drinkers.
A six to eight week specialised program of groundwork education, balanced feeding, and intensive
grooming. More information can be found on our Sales Preparation page.
We believe in giving your horse the foundation to succeed.  Our program is a minimum 5 weeks and is
based on natural horsemanship techniques.  We do intensive groundwork with our breakers and our aim
is to send home a respectful and calm horse, willing to go on and learn more about whichever pursuit his
owner has chosen for him.
After a spell we are happy to bring horses in for 4 - 6 weeks pre-training.  This time gets the horse used to
a routine, furthers his education and gives him a level of fitness - all in preparation to go back into race
All problems catered for:  disrespectful behaviour, barrier rogues, floating issues, bucking, shying, bolting,
kicking, biting, etc.